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Life's Better In Yoga Pants...The Book

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My Story

Serial expensive hobbyist. Unsuccessful entrepreneur. Financially stupid (direct quote from her father).


Lynette Nicole believes in taking risks, going on adventures, and turning setbacks into comebacks. She wrote Life’s Better In Yoga Pants as a way to heal from narcissistic and borderline abuse, teach other young girls about the effects of gaslighting, lying, cheating and confusion, and infuse a little humor into everyone’s life. It is her first book, and most likely her last (unless there’s a sequel which is not the goal).


When she’s not writing about her shitshow for a million strangers to read, you can find Lynette behind the scenes at her 4-year-old PR firm, running marathons, teaching Pilates, paddle boarding, sipping wine, just generally doing something. She lives in Astoria, NY, in a brand new apartment she can’t afford.

Life's Better In Yoga Pants
Coming Soon

Never did I, a strong, independent, take-no-shit, opinionated girl think I’d become the victim of narcissistic and borderline abuse.’s 2020 and anything goes. 


Life’s Better In Yoga Pants, derived from the blog of the same name, takes young adults (or older adults!) on a humorous journey through life as a 20 something  girl trying to figure it all out. Beginning  the summer after college graduation and taki